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About American Story Candle

      American Story Candle is a small family business made up of people who cherish and believe in the United States of America. What's more, we know there are millions of others who feel the same way. We are very  proud of our country's history and we hope to share a little of it, through our stories, with our candle loving friends.

We take equal pride in our candles. They are hand poured, highly fragranced, and made of top quality American products. We offer a variety of pleasing scents, from foods to flowers, in our candles. We use a soy/parafin blend of wax in it's natural creamy color that blends with any decor. We present our candles in a sleek and attractive apothecary jar.

American Pride is Our Main Ingredient.
In my family, we were raised to love our country. Some think that idea is old fashioned but we feel it is very important to our future. We hope to spread a little of this attitude from sea to shining sea. We hope our products and our beliefs become part of a growing sense of much needed patriotism in America. We would love for you to come along.

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